Dear Mr. Li,


Thanks for your mail.


The students are taking the monthly exam this morning, so I need not teach in the classroom. When I was checking out my email, I found your message. It was a surprise.


I was your teacher for the last year of high school. We did have a good time together although the last year of high school was stressful. We still kept in touch when you were studying in Zhengzhou. I visited your blog on MSN a number of times. I think I will locate it if I have time.


Congratulations on your success in your studies. In a couple of years, you will get the master’s degree. Hopefully you will find a job and start your family. It is a nice future ahead. May you be happy in your graduate school in the city of Yichang.


The friend you mentioned is beginning in her career. Actually teaching is a field not popular among the young Chinese graduates. A young teacher may have rosy pictures of the field before he enters it. Once he starts working in a school, most of the rosy pictures will turn black, for the reality is harsh and real. Teaching on the surface looks boring. For a teacher, every day is like every other day. The lack of excitement may kill a youngster’s passion for the profession in a short time. Worse still, the problems in the present education system are overwhelming for a green hand.


I do not know very much about your friend. I was wondering if you two had some special relationship. Her school is just next to mine. The school enjoys quite a good name here in the town. I hope your friend will value her job and try to improve her things. It is just the start of her career, anyway. Most new teachers will have some hard times adapting to a new way of life. Last year she was still a student and now she is a teacher. The first few years will see her learn the ropes and get familiar with the system and the way it is run. Once she is familiar with everything, she will probably come to love this occupation. Most teachers are not rich, but they do make a decent living. And the two holidays and the opportunity to keep learning and improve oneself!


I have a mobile but it is off most of the time. If you like, you could try and call this number 13593******. Probably I will not ring up your friend. But if you like, you may send her the link to my blog. Shengliver’s Garden has been growing. The number of hits is amazing though I write only in English. A lot of the entries are related to education, English language learning and teaching and life in Chinese schools. Hopefully she may find something interesting to read over there.


I have to close the letter here. Good luck to you. Stay happy and diligent in the city of Yichang.






If you do not mind, this mail will be posted on the blog later on as an entry.


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