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Yun Yang High School (YYHS) finds its origins in the Yun Shan Academy, an ancient school which was established in the 26th year of Emperor Jiajing’s reign during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). In 1902 the academy was reformed and turned into the Secondary School of Yun Yang Prefecture. Later it was renamed the No. 8 High School Hubei Province. After the People’s Republic was founded in 1949, the school’s name was changed to Yun Yang High School. It was one of the first batch of provincial-level key high schools in Hubei Province and now it is a provincial-level model high school.

 yyhs the old campus

With its rich historical traditions, and the excellent teaching staff, the school YYHS has made great achievements for the past decades. Since it became a modern secondary school, it has cultivated tens of thousands of graduates for the Chinese revolution and construction cause. The most outstanding of the graduates are Mr. Yang Xianzhen and Mr. He Shichang. Mr. Yang was China’s famous Marxist theorist, philosopher, and educator. He was also president of the Central Communist Party School at Beijing. Mr. He, one of the earliest communist party members in Northwest Hubei, led the Longzhou Uprising. He was also the party secretary of the 8th branch of the Red Army and its political bureau director. Besides the aforesaid two, the following alumni are also the school’s prides. Mr. Shi Dingwen, an artillery expert, was Chief of Staff of the Xinjiang Military Area, China. Mr. Zhang Shuqing played a big part in China’s Nuclear and Satellite Programme. Mr. Ma Dadao and Mr. Luo Dexing are experts in nuclear physics in China. Ms. Mei Jie and Mr. Wang Zhaohan are famous contemporary Chinese writers. Ms. Li Xiang is senior engineer at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre. She was in charge of the testing and monitoring of the Shenzhou VI spacecraft launch project. Mr. Feng Shengbing, as a teenager, was a winner of the UN Juvenile Poverty Eradication Award.


The school has a staff of over 300 and a student population of over 4,200. It covers an area of over 200 mu, with lots of trees, flowers and birdsongs on campus. The North Classroom Building, the South Classroom Building, the Science Building, and the Book and Arts Centre stand high and magnificent in the schoolyard. The Dorms are of the villa style and arranged in such a manner that they look nice and provide a good residence for the students. For its environment, the school is an ideal place for learning and research. YYHS is acclaimed as a cradle of talents in Northwest Hubei Province. The school takes it as its aim to run the school to the people’s satisfaction. The school is run following its concept of “inherit and pass on cultural heritage, progress constantly, be morally high and be knowledgeable, and develop harmoniously”. The school fully implements national educational guidelines and regulations and follows quality-orientated education practices. The school has improved its administrative mechanism a great deal. The school quality has seen improvements for a consecutive number of years. The students’ performance in the National University Entrance Exams has reached record-highs. A large proportion of its graduates have been admitted to the best universities around the country like Tsinghua and Beida.

 yyhs a few years ago

The school has won acclaim in the city for its advanced administrative concepts, its good education resources, its harmonious cultural environment and its eye-catching achievements. Over the years, the school has won the following titles among others for its achievements in various aspects – A National Model School in Implementing Physical Education Standards, An Advanced School in Labour Skills Training, A Civilised Unit of Hubei Province, A Green School of Hubei Province, A School with a Class-A Canteen, and A Provincial Model High School. YYHS has been a pearl in the education field of the city and even of Hubei Province.


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