Mr. Wan Yuan is a lovely teenager in one of my classes. He comes from Fangxian, a satellite county of Shiyan City.


Mr. Wan is outspoken and humorous. When our daily small talk is going on, he is active in putting questions to the small talker. And his questions always bring about laughter from his classmates. One of his favourite questions is, “Which girl do you like best?” One day I turned the question to him and to everyone’s amazement, he blurted out, “Mary and Kate.” The roars of laughter following his answer almost brought the ceiling down upon us. Mary and Kate sat there, speechless and red-faced.


Of course Mr. Wan is an innocent teenager. He spoke his mind out and probably someone was hurt by his remarks. And sometimes he was miserable for no obvious reason. I keep my fingers crossed for Mr. Wan and may he grow well and become a man.




One of his journal entries shocked me. I was told that someone had tried to hurt his uncle ten times but the police would not do anything about it.


I asked him to elaborate on his uncle’s story and here is what I have learned so far.


Mr. Wan’s uncle used to be a successful business man. He made a lot of money from his business. Of the nature of his business I have no idea, though.


The uncle has two children. The older one is a daughter, who is already somewhere a university student. His younger kid is still a high schooler in his home county.


Misfortune struck the family some years ago. The uncle’s wife was diagnosed with bone cancer and the ensuing treatment cost all of the money the uncle had made from the business. The aunt was not cured despite all the medical expenses. And her death left the family deep in debt.


Mr. Wan Sr., the uncle, had to struggle to rear his two children on his own. Life was hard but it seems that there was no end of trouble for him.


Probably in his heyday, Mr. Wan Sr. had made an enemy of some man. The hatred between Mr. Wan and his enemy is intense and long-lasting.


The teenager told me in his journal that his uncle, Mr. Wan Sr., has recently been hospitalised once again. This time he was cut in the finger by his enemy using a knife. The doctor said that probably he could not save the finger.


So far his enemy has attempted to hurt him ten times violently. The last serious wound was a wound in the uncle’s foot but fortunately it was OK thanks to the medical help.


Why not turn to the people’s police for help?


The uncle, Mr. Wan Sr., did. He went to the local police and reported his suffering to them. He provided the police with all the info about the criminal, the name and the identity. However, the police did not act. The reason, or rather the excuse, was that the police had no resources (money) to go on such a hunt. Who would pay them for such a BIG job?


Mr. Wan Sr., the uncle, is helpless. He knows that someday the MAN will surface again and hurt him probably fatally. Yet he can do nothing at all to protect himself.


"But for my two children, I would venture out today and settle my accounts on my own. I would seek him out and get him killed, the bastard!!!" the uncle, Mr. Wan Sr. gritted his teeth.


The fact is that he still has to take into consideration that his two children are still young. He has to wait. My teenager told me that he was sure that his uncle would take the matter into his own hands one day because the police were useless. And the teenager said that he knew around him some guys don’t take life seriously. He was sad about all of this.




It is a world of good vs. evil, kind vs. cruel, tolerant vs. narrow-minded. The human society has witnessed the dramas since its very inception. The human dramas will probably continue into a future you and I would not be able to see or predict. Will the human world still have the dramas going on in one million years?

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