Dear Lily

April 30, 2008


Dear Lily,


What you shared with me in the mail worried me initially. After I read your letter through, however, I came to a conclusion that your mind is working normally because you sound logical and your English is even better than before. Thank Goodness.


Please do not be cross with your teacher. Your head teacher was responsible and I hope you understand what he has done with your computer. While I was reading about your experience of watching the TV news on the Taiwan presidential election in a fast-food restaurant overnight and about your adventurous journey to Chongqing, I was alarmed. Probably in your eyes what you did was perfectly normal. However, if I were your head teacher, I would have responded the same way to your behaviour. I would have tried my best to find out about your whereabouts and why. So, please try and put yourself in his shoes.


It is imperative that you be home and stay with your family for some time. Take the time to rest, rehabilitate yourself and learn. I bet you have got a better picture of your condition with your doc’s help and through your own experiences. Have a good rest at home and do not get yourself excited over anything. You are aware that at times you could not help it when you found yourself talking in the room.


With your family around and with the right medication, I hope you rehabilitate yourself sooner. Follow your mom’s instructions and see your doc when necessary. You should be doing fine at home.


When you are better, you might take time to learn in your hometown. It is a long leave. Most of your classmates are not lucky enough to have this opportunity. They will be obliged to graduate on time. But you are LUCKY enough to be able to delay it for one year. When you can manage, read your books. A lot of university courses CAN be learned independently, without a teacher. And today we are blessed with the Web. When you are fit enough, you might find a job in your hometown. I remember last summer holiday you were working as a tutor in Qianjiang. Why not take up a pupil in your town when you feel you are up to it?


Being away from campus means you are in close contact with real China. Walk around the neighbourhood and learn about the folks and their way of life. This is a perfect chance to get a real picture of what small-town China is like. You may grow fast and well while on leave.


I hope this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Come to terms with it and make the most of it. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, not everyone could have this chance to stay away from campus for so long.


By the way, did you hear about a traffic accident which happened to some students in your university? Last weekend, a class in your university went on a trip to a place of interest in Xiaogan. Unfortunately the bus they were on went off the road. 6 or 7 of the students ended up dead and a number of others were injured.


I am on a two-day vacation for the May Day national holiday. I will not travel far. I will take the time to rest and get ready for the coming work.


I wish you a speedy recovery, girl. Please have a good rest at home and take things easy. Please bear in mind that your health is your first priority. You are welcome to be on my blog anytime you like. Knowing you read there warms me and motivates me to write responsibly.


Best luck,


Yours truly,


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