I am a fallman. You might wonder why.

Four seasons make up a year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Americans call the third season “fall”. It is a vivid term, for it calls to mind a picture that in autumn, leaves are falling off trees. Hence the name “fall”.

Autumn has always been my favourite season. First of all, I like the temperature. Summer days can be unbearably hot, those blazing and suffocating days. With the coming of “Beginning of Autumn”, summer nights gradually turn cooler and cooler. Of course in early autumn there are still extremely hot days, termed “autumn tigers” in Chinese, but the nights are generally more pleasant. I like the feeling of being cool, and in this season the thermometer readings are on the decline. The best part of this season is the middle of it, with pleasant sunshine, warm breeze and a heart that seems to be flying in the sky blue.

Secondly, this season is exciting to me. Others might find autumn boring, but I have my own feelings about it. I experience several important days or festivals in this season. The first to come is Teachers’ Day, which falls annually upon September 10. After that comes Mid-autumn Day, a very Chinese festival of family and harvest. Next I embrace my birthday, which usually comes before National Day. Of course National Day brings a very nice golden-week holiday. And it seems that these days are not enough, for all my family members have our birthdays in this season. Don’t you think it is exciting for me? I do think so!

Of course autumn is a season of harvest. These days I no longer work on a farm. However, brought up in the countryside, I feel country y1p-N3E6vvK-NL5YPssvjtAVUb2Tfq2u6N531aAtNA1KVGpkIPcW5Xw5Zst60wGHFaWKhFcqUp_beQlife has sown the seeds in my blood, for I always feel that I am part of the peasant class and that my blood contains theirs. Therefore I feel sympathy for them. Childhood memories of working in the fields with my parents and brother frequently come to mind this season. Can you imagine this? A family are harvesting corn in the fields, the sun shining warmly upon them, breeze gently blowing against their faces, a strong smell of wild flowers permeating in the air, birds singing in the trees, and hills dotted with all colours – red, yellow, brown, green, orange … Oh, Oh, Oh! This picture is what I remembered of my autumn days with my peasant family when I was a teenager.

You might say autumn rains are annoying for they cause problems with transportation. But the seasonal rains is another reason why I like the season so much. In many parts of China there can be long rainy days in this season. I like rains, especially the continuous, drizzly rains in autumn. Such rains brought high quality sleep to me. And still my childhood memories play a part here. In the countryside when the autumn rainy season comes, the farmers can’t work in the fields. Therefore, it is a good time for the family to stay together, doing nothing, playing games, and chatting and gossiping. Neighbours find this is a good time to visit each other. So you see raining days provides good opportunities for farmers to socialize within the family and with other families. I work and live in a city now. Still, autumn rains makes me calm and energetic. Rainy days are the best time for thinking, reading and working. It is right now raining while I am writing on my computer. Wonderful!!!

Last but not least, autumn is a fruity season. I like all kinds of fruits. There is an abundance of fruits at this time of year – grapes, oranges, apples, persimmons, dates, pears, an endless list of mouth-watering fruits.

Fallman I am. My wonderful autumn!


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