Dear Toney,


Thanks for emailing me. I talked with you once but your life story impressed me. That’s why I recognised you the second time you came up on the mike.


I was wondering whether you knew the word “entrepreneurship”. This is what China is lacking in. Your story convinces me that we Chinese need more and more people like you.


Let me recap your life story first. You studied and graduated from Lanzhou University. After that, just as you put it, you jumped from one job market to another, in hopes of landing a high-salary position. But the competition was fierce, and people cold everywhere. You ended up working at a shoe manufacturer, first as a QC (quality controller), then as an administrator. However, neither of those jobs gave you a sense of fulfilment. That was the reason why you came back to Ganzhou, Jiangxi, which is your hometown, and where you are running your own digital cafe.


You are self-employed and you are your own boss. Having been bossed around, you probably are keenly aware of the freedom and power being on your on grants you. Actually I believe you have made the right choice, because China needs more and more small business owners like you. In English we call those entrepreneurs, who start their own business from scratch and build on it. You are just one of them.


A nation needs big businesses like China Telecom and Shengli Oilfield. But to improve ordinary Chinese people’s living standard and quality of life, we need huge numbers of small businesses of various categories. In every community, we need a grocery store, a barber’s shop, a laundry, a veggie vendor and many others. I don’t think big businesses can fill all the needs of our life. I bet your digital cafe is playing its role in making life in your community better.


I couldn’t agree more with you when you told me that MONEY is not everything. By running your own cafe, you may learn a lot of skills and practical knowledge which you could not have learned in Lanzhou University. And as you learn and grow, one day you will probably expand and do bigger and bigger things.


I understand your mail very well, but if you could learn more grammar, you would write far better in future. And you are already using the web for learning the language. I am looking forward to meeting you once again.





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  1. mary
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 06:59:14

    MONEY is not everything
    of course , and health is most ….


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