Dear Dancy,


It is a surprise to hear from you. Thanks for sharing.


Of course I remember the lively conversations between you and me on the mikes. You speak quite well and I have no trouble at all following you. I hope we keep practising and one day we will speak good English.


I am afraid I am not of great help regarding the mail you received from your epal in Peru. I know almost nothing about him. And I have no idea how good his English is. But I am pretty sure his Spanish must be very good for he is located in Peru.


A lot of foreigners will come to China for the 2008 summer Olympics next year. I hope he will be able to make it too. But still for most people in the world travelling abroad costs a fortune. If he is lucky, he may be able to find a teaching position at some school in Beijing or some provincial capital. But I don’t think many Chinese schools need Spanish-speaking teachers. He may have a try, using some online recruiting sites. I have learned recently that more and more workers who speak other languages than English are needed in China as China increases its contact with all the continents. One of my ex-students is majoring in Portuguese in a college.


Sorry I can not help you very much. Good luck with your English studies.


See you.





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