hi, ben

Dear Ben Mo,


Nice to hear from you. But I did not answer the day I read your mail. I was engaged then. Sorry for that.


You are one of the friends I have met on the web. And your story probably is a typical Chinese one – After being educated in a Chinese university, you headed off to one of those developed areas of China, be it the Pearl River Delta or the Yangtze River Delta, and found a job there. Am I right? You are located in Shenzhen, China, aren’t you?


I am glad you like the way I speak. And the web is playing a bigger and bigger role in transforming China, for the better. As far as learning English is concerned, it creates a virtual community where people come together from all corners of the country, and the world, to learn and practise. Gone are the days when people spent a fortune going and studying overseas for the language. A learner in China can take advantage of the web for his learning purposes. He can read overseas media, listen to online radio and even talk with foreigners face to face on a messenger. If you like, please take up the mike and speak on it. The more you speak, the better you will be.


I am sorry to tell you I am Chinese. Born in China, brought up in the countryside and educated in a school, I work in a public school somewhere in an inland province. I am honoured to have an epal like you.


I talk regularly, an hour a day in the room, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. I am a volunteer speaker there. I hope more and more good Chinese speakers of English join me there. If we Chinese speak more English, we will certainly speak better.


Thanks for writing and if you like, write me more and I would be very pleased to hear more from you. And here is the link to my blog:




Welcome in and comment.


Good luck with your English learning.





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