a cut

A Cut


Yesterday I went with my colleagues to a meeting plus training in preparation for the coming semester, organised by the school leaders and the heads of the grade. This meeting normally takes pace in the school, and I have no idea why this year it took place in a holiday villa deep in the mountains, around 30 kilometres from downtown.


The venue is one of the many holiday villas located in the outskirts of the city. My city is in a mountainous area, and even downtown you would find hills and mountains. Houses are built on the slopes. Far away in the deep mountains, with green all round, such holiday villas are popular with organisers of governmental meetings or business gatherings, and family weekenders.


The air is superb, the stream clear, and the night peaceful and quiet. All the day you could hear birds singing and feel breeze caressing your face. It was the peak temperature of the summer, but here I had to cover myself with quilts for sleep at night. At noon, it was like morning downtown.


The food was different from those expensive dinners you would have in downtown restaurants. Here the cooking was not first class, but the ingredients used for the dishes were quite natural and green, produced in some nearby small farms. And I had some dishes of wild veggies and meat of the wild boar. (The wild boar has increased in number thanks to the greening efforts by the government and this has led to some legal killing of them to keep their number in balance with the environment.) The dried bamboo shoots were nice to chew and the chicken soup tasted good, different from what you would get from a chicken raised on a factory farm. And I had some rice cooked with potatoes, which I had not had for a long time.


I shared a room with two other teachers. Well, I slept well, but was disturbed by their heavy and rhythmic snoring. I am not a snorer and I am a quiet sleeper. Their “Hu, Heng, Hu, Heng” lasted all through the night. This was the night I had encountered the best snorers in my life. Anyway when my sleep came, I went into sleep with the accompaniment of their snoring.


Yesterday afternoon around 6 after the training session, I went back to my room. It occurred to me that I had left behind my water kettle in the meeting room. So I made for the room at once. On my way unfortunately I stumbled on the stairs and fell. When I got myself up, one of the teachers noticed some blood drops on the stairs. Gosh, I was cut. Only then did I find my forefinger of my right hand bleeding. It was a deep cut. I put some tissue on it and pressed hard on the cut. Luckily the staff at the holiday villa had some first aid stuff in store. One worker cleaned my cut with some liquid and bandaged it.


I am writing the entry on my computer and my right hand is a bit clumsy with the cut finger. I am grateful that I can still use my right hand for most purposes, picking up things, cleaning my nose and writing of course. But I have to keep my finger from being wetted in the coming days. That means I will have some trouble bathing. I will have the finger checked and looked after in the clinic tomorrow.


This cut reminds me of all the risks and hazards in everyday life. Just a few points to remember.


Be cautious with power. In my home we use a number of electrical appliances, the TV set, the kitchen appliances, the fans, the fridge and the air conditioners. I have to make sure they connect well and don’t run for too long a time.


In the kitchen, I have to turn off the gas when I am not there. And I have kept the electric kettle over-boiling for a lot of times. I have to remember to go and turn if off when it boils.


The thermoses should be in the corner I have reserved for them, between the partition door and the tea table (which is fixed). I have to remind my girl to use them with caution. Never put the thermos where they can fall or trip someone.


Now back to the training and meeting. Such a gathering is totally unnecessary. It is a waste of money. Bills at such holiday villas are scary. Of course the school has to pay for it. It is a waste of time as well. All the details and rules teachers have to remember and obey can be made into a pamphlet and a quick reading is all that has to be done.


Wish such training plus meeting would never take place again.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SRL
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 04:21:56

     SLAUTE ! hehe, Your writting-style is funny. You know, there is a kind of locker specally for laptop. I have one. You can link your laptop to the other side, such as table etc.


  2. Shengliver
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 12:24:25

    Well, what would be the use of a locker if the thief had an all-powerful locker breaker? I would break into your room and take away your laptop as easily as a butcher kills a pig. Just kidding. But seriously, one night, a thief climbed up the water pipe and broke into a flat on the fourth floor here. He took away the owner’s cash, his laptop, his mobile phone and some jewellery. Luckily the owner did not lose his wife, for his wife was obese. The thief found her too heavy. Dear me!


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