what’s your summer vacation like?

Dear Lily,


I still use the email box shengliver@163.com. As an alternative, you could also write to shengliver@hotmail.com, which is also my Windows Live (MSN) ID. I believe I will be using the two addresses in the years to come. Do write me when you want and I will be pleased to be kept informed of your developments and your whereabouts.


So, all your messages reached me, but I didn’t answer them, for I was sure you knew the answer well, for example, the answer to the question, “What character do you possess?”


I am on summer vacation, a long and pleasurable one. Most of the time I am home with my family. I went back to my home village a couple of days ago and stayed there with my family and relatives for a number of days. Now I am back. I didn’t go on the tours organised by the school. Quite expensive and this summer the weather is rather troublesome. In many parts of the country, there have been severe storms resulting in floods and landslides. Did you hear the news that a bus carrying tourists in Tibet went off the road and plunged into the river yaluzangbu (Brahmaputra River)? Over 20 lost their lives in the accident. My perfect way of travel is backpacking – going alone wherever I wish and staying at my favourite places as long as I please. I will go out if I am in the right mood.


Every day is spent in my planned English experience. Holiday is the best time for me to learn more completely on my own. I get up around 6 in the morning. Before breakfast I take a walk around the community. I prefer to walk in the hills. I do listening and reading in the morning. Some days around 10 a.m. I go for grocery shopping in the supermarket or the street market. Afternoons are spent on reading and listening too. You might find reading for a long time boring. I read this way. I start reading three or four books at the same time, and every time I read a page of this and a page of that. Some books are easier while others more challenging. And they are on different topics. So not boring at all. Quite relaxing and refreshing. I even read some English conversation books. And I find myself able to understand some books which were incomprehensible to me some years ago.


Of course I do some housework, helping in the kitchen with the dishes. I am the best dishwasher, my wife boasts. I mop the floor and I take garbage out to the garbage cans. I also keep my daughter company when she is doing her homework.


I am sure you are on holiday too. Where are you? Are you home with your parents or are you still on campus doing studies or a part-time job? I do hope you tell me about your vacation. I believe your holiday is as much fun as mine if you put variety into every day of your holiday.


Do not worry about your future. Just do your present jobs well and you definitely will have a bright future. I have got some info about your ex-classmates. Chen Yuan is to go and study for his master’s degree in Tongji University in Shanghai. Zhong Ming will come back to the city and be a teacher of English. Cao Yi will study in Beijing for his postgraduate degree. And many others. Well, girl, you will shine too.


Do write me and tell me about your holiday. Time now I went shopping. It’s almost 10 a.m. I am looking forward to hearing from you at shengliver@163.com.


Yours ever,





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