can i major in the english language

Dear Zhang Lu,


I have received both of your email messages, so different emailing systems connect with each other. Don’t worry.


I didn’t answer your mail because I hadn’t got your result. Your performance in the spoken English test is marvelous. Be proud of yourself.


I will answer your questions as follows.


1. Can you major in the English language?

Why not? It’s crystal clear that you have a strong interest in the language. This is the most important criterion. And you have laid a firm condition in Basic English. The English you used in your email is the best proof. And the excellent score in the oral English test!


2. What do English majors do after graduation?

Teaching and interpretation are only two of the possibilities available for students who graduate with a degree in the English language. An English major can choose from a wide variety of career options – international trade, e-business, and management, to name just a few. Actually an English major can continue his/her training after graduation with a mastery of both Chinese and English. With China increasing its contact with other nations, we will see growing the importance of knowing the language. These days, most students majoring in English will choose another field to study in the third and/or fourth year. A combination of English proficiency and skills in a particular field will see the graduates landing jobs in various fields.


3. Does your appearance count?

Yes, it does, because you look pretty good! Why should you worry about your looks? A student can’t be refused admission unless he is really ugly. You certainly don’t belong to such a category. Have confidence in your looks.


4. Is Beiwai (BFSU) the only choice?

No, besides Beijing Foreign Studies University, there are quite a few other foreign language institutions, not to mention that in almost every university there is an English language department/school/college. Choose one school according to your score.


Thanks for the time you took over the blog entries. I am glad you like them. My father passed away 3 years ago in 2004 when I was teaching last graduating classes. So don’t shed tears any more. Thanks anyway.


I seldom use QQ theses days. But I have left my phone numbers on your class group. Go there and check them out. If necessary, give me a ring.


Best wishes,


Yours ever,


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