i am proud of you

Dear MMZ,


No news could have pleased me more than the message that you have got yourself admitted to Donghua University. Four years of hard and honest work has paid off. Congratulations, MMZ.


I didn’t reply to one of your earlier emails asking about writing the graduation thesis for your major of the English language. From the very beginning I have been amazed at the effort you put into your university experience. I bet you have graduated with two bachelor’s degrees, one in garment designing and the other in the English language. Probably you know more than I now about English!


Shanghai is a very prosperous metropolis, a land where opportunities are plenty. Don’t hesitate and don’t worry about your future. With your attitude and optimism you will certainly do better in your studies for your master’s degree. Of course it is a fact that the job market is quite competitive but China is still developing very fast indeed. Talents are always in short supply. With your certificate under your belt in 2.5 years, you will excel in your field. The idea of doing a part-time job is very reasonable. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your academic studies, it will reward you in more ways than the monetary manner. I am already picturing a quite mature MMZ working and studying and living in Shanghai.


Your family, I am no less sure, will give you as much support as they can. They have been very proud of you and your achievements, I imagine. I would be if my girl should do the same. Your gratitude to them is keenly felt in your words in the letter.


I am still working and living here, teaching the language for a living. What a surprise you family are in the same town! We might meet face to face somewhere.


I will post this letter on my English blog. Welcome to my blog and read more of the short pieces I have written in English over the time.


This is the link:



Best wishes,


Yours ever,

Shengliver (my online name)


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