killing the bug

Killing the bug


Since I got wired, I have encountered various worms and viruses online. And my antivirus was able to protect any donkey against infection until May 31st, the day before Children’s Day.


I was adding some gadgets to my MSN space around 8 o’clock in the morning when my donkey (my laptop) started to tremble. It was clear that the Windows XP operating system was suffering. After a few flashes and shakes, everything returned to normal, though. At least I thought so. I worked on the donkey as usual during the day. I didn’t know something had already got wrong.


On the morning of Children’s Day, when I turned on my donkey the trouble surfaced. In the taskbar the icons of the RISING antivirus, the RISING firewall and the RISING anti-spyware were missing. I immediately found the programme files and clicked on the antivirus. It was dead. It didn’t respond at all to my click, click and click.


I thought probably I should reinstall RISING onto my computer. And I set about the task. Bigger trouble. I could not even uninstall the programme. With the RISING CD in the CD drive, I made several attempts to set up again the programme but all failed.


Later other symptoms appeared. The RISING’s official website would close automatically a few seconds after I logged into it. I googled the problem and even the result page containing the word RISING would close, too, the same reaction.


Gosh. I had to resort to my usual approach – formatting DISK C and setting up the Windows XP operating system again. This method works almost always. I had never failed with the method before I came upon this bug. But the process is long, for you have to set up everything from scratch – putting in the various drivers, and installing all the software programmes you have been used to. It is time consuming and, for a green hand with computers, can be a shocking experience if he stores all his files on DISK C. When DISK C is formatted, everything on it will be erased.


On the evening of Children’s Day, I set up the Windows Operating System but it was to no avail at all. The problem was still there. The RISING was as dead as ever. It occurred to me that this bug was no ordinary bug since the formatting didn’t kill it.


The following days – about a week – was horrible for me when I was working on the net. The risks could disable my donkey and cause me to lose all my work on it. I limited myself to a few sites I absolutely trust – BBC and MIRROR, for example. At the same time I tried to contact the support service of RISING on the phone. It was not easy. Every time I got connected, there was a long queue and I had to quit. I was worried about my phone bill. Luckily my home computer (a tower computer) was working perfectly well, with the RISING fully operating. I visited their website and I googled and I baidued. Information about the bug gradually amounted to a clear picture. All my problems fitted the descriptions of the bug.



Name: Pabug

Way to spread: It spreads by means of USBs, mobile hard disks, mp3 gadgets and other mobile devices.

Harm and Symptoms: It disables most antiviruses in China, RISING included. It also paralyses the security mode of the Windows Operating System. Users cannot thus use the security mode to kill it. Also the hidden files cannot be shown. Even the relevant antivirus websites are closed to the infected computer.


The RISING website suggests its users download ORANGEAUG and scan the computer with it. I followed the instructions and the software did kill a number of bugs but the problem, well, was still there.


I almost came to the point of despair. My last solution would be to turn to some technical guys for help in the holiday. I had to shelve the problem for the present. Anyway most of the software programmes still ran well on my sick donkey.


A surprise came on the evening of June 7th. A BAIDU search took me to all kinds of reports and suggestions of the bug. One report said across the country over 80,000 computers were infected by the bug. On a website based in Wuhan, Hubei, it was suggested that users use two programmes to kill the bug – ORANGEAUG (from RISING) and USBCLEANER. Well, the second one had not been tried. Immediately I got the site and entered it (


A scan of the donkey by the USBCLEANER worked wonders. RISING came back to life instantly the scan was done. The KK LION jumped out onto the desktop, as alive as before. Then the firewall, then the upgrading of the RISING. On the morning of June 8, my donkey fully recovered.


Thank God. Thank Google and Baidu. Thank the writer of the programme USBCLEANER (


Every problem is a challenge to an optimistic eye. Every challenge is a learning opportunity to the willing heart. I have learned the following lessons from this encounter with Pabug.


1. Do not panic after your computer is infected.

2. Do not hasten to take rushed action.

3. Learn about the problem on the web. Use search engines like Google and Baidu. Often it takes the antivirus company some time to come up with a solution.

4. Rely on yourself. Trust the limitless resources of the net.

5. Do not visit high-risk sites.

6. Upgrade your antivirus as often as possible. An outdated version can cost a lot for a matter of just a few minutes.

7. Love your donkey and give it a break when necessary. Humans cannot work around the clock. The same is true of your donkey.

Last but not the least,

8. Install USBCLEANER onto your donkey and have it monitor all mobile devices connected with your donkey. Don’t forget to upgrade it from time to time.


Congratulations, Shengliver.


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