to king

Dear King,


I found your mail the other day when checking my less frequently used email box. Thanks for writing. Please write me at in future.


Of course I have a vivid memory of you being back here with us. You were outspoken, a bit moody then, but quite nice. Of course I still remember the year you had back in your hometown, a hard but fruitful year.


I am touched by the fact that you still carry the diary along with you. I see how much you treasure it. Communicating with my students, preferably in English, is one of my ways to relate to them. I will keep this practice up thanks to your experience. I hope my future students will share their English diary entries with me and I will comment after reading them.


You major in psychology, don’t you? Well you could be a psychologist now. China is in great need of psychologists, especially certified ones. I expect you will have an easy time hunting for a job. Psychologists are needed not only on campus but also in many other fields of life.


Every autumn some student teachers come here for their internship. Of course if you please, you could choose to come back too. You would meet most of your x-teachers. They are still working here and so am I. Oh, the campus is much more beautiful than before. More buildings have been constructed; more trees and plants planted; and more facilities put in. A lot of guys say it is neat and clean, like a garden.


I hope you exploit your remaining college life to the full. You still have over a year to enjoy. College is the best time to learn, for once you start off your career, there won’t be as much time for you to study and improve academically as there now is. Read widely and explore (or exhaust) your university library. Make friends with those you like and learn about human relationships through them.


It is a pity that I didn’t have a normal May Day holiday. I had 1.5 days off. Actually I went back to work on the evening of May 1st. I am doing Senior High Three. It’s OK for me; I have got accustomed to it. Probably you have had a regular full holiday – 7 days? Enjoy yourself.


If you have access to the web, you can enter my blog quite easily. Follow this link and you will be taken there. I keep my blog in English and I hope you like it. One of my replies to your earlier letters is on it, too. Welcome to comment there.


This is the link.


Best wishes, King.


Yours ever,



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