to c. y.

Dear Mr. Cao,


Congratulations on your being enrolled at the graduate school of the renowned academy CNU (Is it Capital Normal University?) Beijing. I am sorry that I didn’t answer your email in which you asked me about preparing for the Postgraduate Entrance English Test.


You were one of the nicest boys in your class back here in YYHS. You were gentle, considerate and hardworking. I am sure your future is very bright, with your attitude towards life and career.


I have been extremely busy, teaching the language here. The pressure is increasingly mounting in high schools. You may still remember your last year in senior high. It was hard. And it is harder for today’s high school kids, for the pursuit of a higher score is relentless, on the part of teachers, leaders, parents and even the kids themselves.


I have never ever relaxed my efforts at learning the language and tremendous progress has been made. I am proud of it and I will continue with my endeavour.


I remember visiting your blog on Windows Live. If you like, welcome to my English blog on Windows Live. This is the link to it.


You may contact me by writing to one of the following email boxes.


I have access to the net both at home and at work. You might use the Windows Live Messenger to keep in touch with me. My Windows Live ID is


Wish you good luck, Mr. Cao, in your studies at CNU.


Best wishes,


Yours truly,


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