to kitty

Dear Kitty,

I was honoured to talk with you on the Skype yesterday evening. Though I heard only a few words, your voice gave me a nice impression. You sounded sweet and kind.

The Internet is a virtual world. I like it because it is so useful for me in my work and research. Thanks to my online experience, my English has been greatly improved. My epals have always been a support to me in my English studies. Of course I am much stronger than before in the use of the language, but to be honest my English is far from perfect, for you made out that I was Chinese the first time you heard me. I know my strengths and weaknesses and in the years to come I will focus on my weak areas. The day will come when you would believe I was a foreigner.

Hope to have you in the UC chat room evenings between 6:30 and 7:30 when I am doing my speaking turn. Your encouragement and appreciation will always be welcome.

Remember I can’t make it there some evenings. This evening I will have to teach my students in the school for evening sessions, so you will not find me in the chat room. However, I will try my best to be regular and punctual. If I can’t, I will send you a message by email or on some instant messenger.

May you be happy every day.




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  1. maysouthocean
    Jan 29, 2007 @ 10:23:16

     hi, Shengliver,
         I am  eventually couragous to give you my blog address, i still feel upset for possibly being laughed at,cause of my poor vocabulary and narrow-minded expression.You will never do that, yes,hope we can communciate in this way .the net has connected us closer than it really is.


  2. Liang
    Feb 17, 2007 @ 00:29:03

    Hi Shengliver,Your writing is awesome. I wish my writing is better than it is.Being lived in London for more than 3 years and half, I’m always trying to imitate the way Londoners speak the language. Interestingly, I first picked up a lot of East London working class accent as I studied and lived in East London for over 2 years. Now my accent is gradually moving across the city to the West End following my job change. The newspaper says even the Queen’s accent is changing comparing her speeches now to those 50 years ago. She used to pronounce home as hame.I believe that one day you can speak English just as an English. That’s a goal I always try to achieve as well. My mum wants me to be an English teacher in Yunyang High School, so that I can use my English while she can stay close to me. I was really thinking of the possibility the other day. Practically  I wish that I would be able to teach there for one or two years in future. It should be quite rewarding if I can really help the students improve their English skills, plus it will be good to stay with my family for a whole year or two as I have left our hometown for so long since I went to university in 1999.  Do you think this can work out?Happy Chinese New Year.Xuan Liang


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