letter from colin

Dear Shengli,


Thank you for your email. It is actually quite uncommon for me to receive messages from former students —- especially messages that are so laden with compliments! I really do appreciate it. In fact, if you have the time and/or the inclination, I would appreciate if you could send a short message of support to those people in charge of organizing the classes at Beiwai. I fear there may have been some negative comments made about my classes —- so a message supporting my teaching performance may provide some balance.


I think the best person to send it to may be Miss *** ******: *********@fltrp


You have every reason to be proud of your abilities in the use of English, with a wonderfully distinctive “British” English accent, and an uncommon enthusiasm. If I remember correctly, you are largely “self-taught” —- which is interesting, because many of the best Chinese users of English belong to the same category i.e. self-taught. I suppose there is nothing that can replace enthusiasm and self-motivation as the most powerful of driving forces behind any endeavor.


I hope you will continue to derive satisfaction from your teaching and inspire your students with a love of learning, free of insincerity and hypocrisy.


Yes I ate some moon cakes last night; with my daughter, who is visiting me at this time.


I hope I might one day have the opportunity to visit your hometown. And thanks for the photo.


Best wishes




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pei
    May 13, 2006 @ 02:55:51

    a little confused!


  2. Shengliver
    May 13, 2006 @ 11:11:57

    Haha. Please do not.


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