on listening 3

Dear Bandicoot,


Welcome to ****, a fun website for learners of English. We have to say thanks to Solo, founder and administrator of the site.


I am so glad you have found something in my comments. Through my years of work with English, I have come to know there is no shortcut to mastering English. We have to be serious about the language and we have to be passionate about it. A learner’s attitude determines his or her success in mastering English. You are wise. Give up some of your work with the Students’ Council if it occupies too much of your energy. Time spent on learning English is more worthwhile. As far as I know, some college students busy themselves with work of various students’ organizations. They pay a heavy price —- mediocre academic performance.


Your words reminded me of my college days. My college —- **** Teachers’ College —- one of the worst colleges in China, I assure you, didn’t give me many opportunities of learning. I majored in English, but it was only a two-year program. There was no radio for me, no tape-recorder of my own, let alone a native speaker of English as my tutor of spoken English. But I fully exploited my time there. What a wonderful time I had reading my extensive reading course books and simplified English readers in the cold lonely classroom or lecture theatre! On many Sunday mornings, I had a large empty lecture theatre to myself, reading, lost in the world of English. Many of my schoolmates went out for fun, going window-shopping or immersed in a sweet love affair. My effort paid off on graduation. I came out first of the whole grade and my performance in an important test awarded me a job. I was given a teaching position in the best high school in my area.


Bandicoot, stick to the habit you have promised yourself to form and you will be a master of the English language in time.


Thank you.


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