Though too old to believe in the practicability of New Year’s resolutions, I still have the following resolutions to make for the year 2006.


No. 1 Eat less.


I have always had a good appetite. This appetite of mine was sharpened by my three years in junior high, when I experienced hunger keenly. You might think I will eat less for my body shape. Well, I do not care very much about that. I will eat less because I know well that hunger is still a problem for many parts of the world and even for some in China. I feel very grateful for what I have now, a job, a family, and good health. Eating less would not do harm. Rather it would increase my awareness of my well-being and of others’ sufferings.


No. 2 Read more.


With my English skills improved a great deal, I have come to realize the importance of knowledge. As a teacher of English, I feel that an encyclopedic knowledge of the world is essential to the effectiveness of my teaching. A serious problem among teachers of English in China is that they teach English for the sake of the language without actually putting the language to use. They cannot because they do not have the relevant info on a subject. For example, when we come to the topic of cloning, are you sure you will be able to talk comfortably on the subject? Many teachers cannot. I know very well where my edge lies. I know not only the language itself but also am able to use it in real life situations. I know the stuff. But I need more. That is why I should do more reading in the new year. What should I read? My English classics, my digital encyclopedia, and foreign media on line are my priorities.


No. 3 Keep up the habit of early rising.


Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. I got into the habit of getting up early a long time ago. I still remember how difficult it was for me to leave my warm bed at the very beginning. And I still remember on many mornings I was tempted to fall back into the old habit. However, all through the years, I have made it. In summer I rise at 5:30 and in winter at 6:00. On workdays, I go to my office very early and read some English before I go to my simple breakfast in the students’ canteen. This habit of mine brought me jeers and suspicion in the starting years, for some guys thought I must be up to something in the office so early. Of course I am up to something, something legal and personal, none of their business.


What are the benefits of this habit? Two folds. Firstly eating in the canteen gives me a better picture of what my students’ life is like. And I often discuss aspects of their life on campus with them in my class in English, and they enjoy these subjects. And these subjects make my teaching more lively and more fun. Secondly, over the years, I have accumulated a lot on the English language thanks to my reading in the early morning. English learning takes time and is very cumulative. That is why it is so ridiculous of some training agencies to offer some shortcuts to learning English. I expect my habit will equip me further with the knowledge of English and contribute to my better skills.


Three simple resolutions and I will try my best to materialize them.


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  1. Unknown
    Jul 28, 2006 @ 14:59:39

           A good habit can make us healthy,  and a healthy body is our richest wealth.  I  often live in regular hours, but in this summer holiday, I often stay up late , because  of I can read and think free in the quiet night. After I read your article  I think you are right.  I should keep my body clock work well .  Do what I said.  Insist  on ,please.


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