to ljj

November 27, 2005


Dear Li,


I am surprised that you still remember the title “my girl” so well. It has revived my memory of the days when you and your classmates were here at YYHS. You could tell your present classmates the story behind the name. Haha.


College is a place where we learn more than from books. It is a place where we learn responsibility, as well. Never before have we been freer than we are now. While in high school we were taken good care of by our parents and teachers. Better care meant less responsibility. Less responsibility meant less capability. That is why I hate the education system for high school students, which in a sense disables the students rather than empowers them. However, we have more freedom now. We would have no parent or teacher available on campus to ask about what to do, what to eat, what to wear to school, how to shop and a million other questions. Yet, this freedom gives us opportunities to make our own decisions. It may sound a bit scary to be on our own at first. But since we are already sophomores, we should have tasted the pleasure of being independent, though the pleasures may be a little bit bitter sometimes. A wrong decision would make us suffer. But without those sufferings, how could we grow up? And the freedom, therefore, brings along the responsibility we are supposed to shoulder.


One of the fatal mistakes my college friends made in my student days was that they put off their studies until the last minute. I am afraid this mistake is still being repeated among some college students. You might find on campus and off campus there are so many fun things to do that studying comes last on the list of your priorities. Of course we needn’t be so hard on ourselves that we forbid ourselves that fun stuff. But a whole week passing by without touching your course book is a red-light signal. It spells failure in the end-of-term exam. Please do not believe you could luck out by cramming the night before the test. Cramming is not only useless but also harmful to you both physically and mentally. All the worries and the sleepless nights before the exam are tortures. So instead of putting off the work at the last minute, we would fare better by studying a bit every day, while leaving time for those pleasurable things we like.


The last point I would like to make is that optimism works wonders. I mention this point because I used to be a negative person. I am positive now, in most cases. We have our problems, big and small. For a pessimistic person, a small problem looks so big that it cannot be solved. But for an optimistic person, a huge problem could be broken up into little steps, the completion of each of which contributes to the solution. A positive person is able to turn a problem into challenges, while a negative one turns a problem into a self-frustrater. Anyway, life would not become any better by being negative.


I have no idea whether what I have said in this letter will be pleasant to your classmates’ ears. I mean well, girl.


This letter will be posted onto my English blog at the same time. If interested, log onto it. Here is the address:


Good luck and stay warm.





5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 等待的天空
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 14:07:44

    yea, i quite agree with you. But i wanna say, actually, college is not a paradise. Take me for example, i often run into all kinds of obstacles, most of which are caused by my studies. So much pressure. Frankly speaking, i even think the life in high school is much happier than life in college. i have talked with many my former classmates,and to my suprise ,they have the same opinion. i find myself a little lost in college, i feel uncertain about my future. i usd to have so many colorful dreams ,but now,it seems that they all fell to pieces. sometimes i even feel that i study for my parent’ sake. maybe i can work it out later.Yet ,now i am unhappy with my life in college.


  2. yi
    Dec 02, 2005 @ 10:24:11

    I agree.The life in campus is a rechargebale battery.You need power to do what you really want to do,or you lose your value.


  3. 舟行留香
    Dec 24, 2005 @ 13:32:41



  4. Shengliver
    Dec 25, 2005 @ 09:12:19

    Thanks, Li.


  5. 舟行留香
    Dec 27, 2005 @ 03:22:18

    Mr wang :thank you !I joined CETband 4,but I am fraid i can not pass it,because time is very limitted!Wish you a happy New Year!


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