The following was written in March, 2005.


In my day-to-day work, I now and then remind myself of some rules I should follow.


Speak loud and clear, with rhythms. The classes I teach are of a huge size. To reach every ear, I have to speak loud and clear, and also to kill the murmurs some students produce. And it is also of great importance to speak with rhythms. Speaking with pauses between sentences and with variations in the voice volume and in the intonation enables my students to have time for thinking and to pay undivided attention to my speech.


Real communication over the urge to rush. At times, I cannot help rushing through the teaching procedures, considering the limited time. This often results in unsatisfactory students’ performances. As long as real communication takes place between the students and me, and among the students, in class, good results are assured. So, whenever I feel an urge to rush, I should tell myself to put real communication over it.


Personalize what is being learned. An English class tends to be lively and colorful if the teacher and the students personalize what is being processed. Language is for communication. What is being taught can always find its place in OUR life. For example, today I discussed "food supplements" in class. In one class, I did not encourage my students to connect this term with our life, for I wanted to finish my teaching plan. And the topic was mentioned and let pass. Nothing exciting ensued. However, in the other class, when the same term was mentioned, I tried to encourage them to give me some Chinese examples of "food supplements". Well lots of them. 太太口服液, 21金维他, 高乐高… More personal questions made what was being taught more meaningful. Such questions were fired: Did you take a Chinese food supplement? Did you find it helpful? Was it expensive? …


So in future whenever the urge to rush comes to my mind, I will tell myself: real communication, real communication…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yi
    Nov 19, 2005 @ 15:23:51

    YOU ARE REAL ENGLISH TEACHER!I try to make ENGLISH LEARNING be a part of my life with different tastes and elements.


  2. Shengliver
    Nov 20, 2005 @ 11:38:04

    Nice to see you again, Cao.


  3. Jan 25, 2006 @ 06:02:05

    HI,Victor wang. I can remember that we got well with each other very well at the same time of this year on 7117. But it is a pity that 7117 is not valid any more,but the friendship between 7117ers are exsited and being longer forever. And I have watched the article which you wrote about 7117. Thank you for your great effort to writing that article to us . All the 7117ers will remember you forever. And at last, happy new year!


  4. Shengliver
    Jan 25, 2006 @ 11:25:53

    Thanks a million, Zizi.


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