where are you headed for, 7117?

My interest in the English language brought me into contact with this wonderful site in October, 2004. And the webmaster, Solo, honored me by putting me in charge of some sections of the site and by giving the title VIP and CIO to me. I have been grateful to Solo and this site for providing me with opportunities to put my English skills into use and to make friends with many English lovers from across China. My experience here has seen my writing skills step onto new levels and a higher level of English has opened up new horizons.


I have got some opinions to air concerning the running of the site. Some could be rather unpleasant, but they are made for the future development of 7117. I mean no harm. If some souls should be hurt, I hereby beg them to pardon me.


This site should be stable and consistent. From time to time, friends can not log into it for various reasons. The reason provided is that upgrading the system is going on. To play a bigger role in China’s English learning field, 7117 has to be stable, enabling net-pals to access it anytime anywhere. It was a pity that for a long time in the past few weeks (months), no users have been able to log into it. Lots of friends complained to me, yet I could do nothing.


A key feature of the site is Pure English Zone. I treasure it very much indeed for here we CAN exchange ideas in English freely. It was in this section that I benefited the most by writing on certain topics and by answering some topics. Still for no reason at all, the section has been disabled for even a longer time than other sections of the site. It still is. Some friends even told me that the best part of the site is Pure English Zone; therefore when it is gone, they will be gone.


Around this time last year when the site was still in its infancy, there was a very attractive feature, namely, the listing of the top ten posters. This feature was very successful in giving friends an impetus to come in and post. Of course, a very few guys posted for the sake of posting because they desired to climb higher upon the ladder. But most friends were quite serious about their posts here. I liked the feature, too. Unfortunately, the listing was replaced some time later by the listing of the VIPs of the site. This listing of the VIPs is totally unnecessary and has decreased many a friend’s enthusiasm for this wonderland of English. I bet the majority of users of the site are college students from Beijing, many of whom are probably non-English majors. I wish the listing of the top ten writers would be restored. That way, more learners would find visiting the site an adventure.


Some time last year, one page master suggested that some Page Masters should be kicked off. It could never have been better said. We have got quite a number of PMs, yet I have found very few were able to come as often as desired. So, there should be a system that would automatically eliminate those PMs who have failed to turn up on the site for a certain period. This manner, more responses from the PMs would put more interest and more energy into this site.


I will never forget those nice interactions with many friends here. Names like Solo, Zizi, Real Wang, Breeze, Guimei, Earthman, 001989, Darrenovo, Martha and Ronggong, to name just a few, are still vivid on my mind. The exchange of opinions with them has not only bettered my English but also has deepened my understanding of life. What is more, relationships started here on 7117 have gone beyond it. I keep in touch with many of my 7117 pals these days. The Internet is virtual, yet the relationship is so real. It could not be more real.


Being a PM and a lover of this site, I sincerely wish a brighter future for it. May it play a bigger role in China’s crave for the English language.

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