women, women

In yesterday’s lesson, we discussed the question, "Why are there few women leaders, bosses and managers in China?"


The discussion went warm, then hot and turned into a fierce debate.


We reached the following consensus in the end.


Marriage and family responsibilities stand in the way of women’s ambition to be leaders. In a typical Chinese family, the mother and wife has a lot of duties to perform. Raising a baby is the first big challenge. A growing baby requires the mother to be devoted to it, leaving the mother very little time and energy for anything else. After the baby turns into a child, housework becomes the next burden for most women. Of course men can come in and help out. But to be honest, women take the lion’s share of housework in most families. They cook, clean, do grocery shopping, and the other 1,001 jobs.


Culture and tradition. I asked most of the girls in the two classes if they would be a leader in the future. Most answered NO. Some boys explained that Chinese traditions have cultured Chinese women this way. Many Chinese women simply would not be a leader. They would rather be men’s subordinates, following orders rather than giving orders. One girl told me that she would rather be a wife and mother instead of a leader of a company. "Too tiring," she said. China boasts a long history, which gave birth to strong traditions. All through Chinese history, women have not been expected to lead. They have been expected to be led. And they would not complain, because they themselves believe that it is the right role for them.


Some boys hold some prejudices against women. Some said that women are less able than men. Some said that women are dishonest. Some said that women are not cruel enough to be leaders. Of course we agree that the above are not fair generalizations.


Then we came to a new topic. What does success mean to a woman? Is a woman leader a success?


After comparing notes with each other, we agreed upon the following points.


A successful woman should have a happy family. Living in a family is part of our sociological and biological needs. Without a happy family, a woman should not be considered successful.


A steady job. A job which can set the woman’s skills at play. The woman does not have to be a leader but she must be able to draw satisfaction from her job. Also her own income can ensure her independence. If a woman holds no steady job, her success is questionable.


A successful woman should enjoy good health. A successful woman should be a happy woman. Poor health does not contribute to a woman’s success and happiness.


A successful woman should be able to choose to do what she pleases. She should not be her husband’s servant and/or slave. She should have the right and power to live her own life though she has to live in a family. If a woman does not have the right of freedom to pursue her dream, she is certainly not successful.


A woman leader is not necessarily successful. She may be successful and she may be a total failure.


At the end, I asked the class, "Do you think my wife is a successful woman? She is right now working at home as a housewife and she gave up her job several years ago when our baby came to the world." I hope to hear their views in future.


Dear friend, what do you think?


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  1. yi
    Nov 04, 2005 @ 11:37:41

    hi,I just saw your msn address on my OICQ friend’details.I am very very amazed that I can find you again. I am afraid you have forgotten me,while I offen remember you in the past two years in my campus –I enjoyed your lessons in the middle school and owned lots from you.I must say "thanks ". So ……As a common student in your class ,I hope I can talk with you though we have lost conection 2 years.MY NAME IS CAOYI.THANK YOU!MY FAVOURITE TEACHER!


  2. Shengliver
    Nov 04, 2005 @ 23:44:48

    It is a small world, Mr. Cao.Amazing that we are able to meet again, on the net. How are you going in Henan? Hehe.


  3. yi
    Nov 05, 2005 @ 02:52:15

    I can’t believe that you have gotten access to the INTERNET for a long time.I must learn more from you–your spirit,wiseness,and optimism.I’m now in grade 3 in HENAN UNIVERSITY,kaifeng henan.MY subject is regional economy (economic geography).I feel happy every day and change a lot .As you kown ,I spent much time in study in YYHS and lost some experience.But I always keep the memory about you.


  4. Unknown
    Jul 27, 2006 @ 10:19:53

    i think everyone is able to succeed  and the success  lies in not only the earthshaking life ,but also the common life. if your wife is satisfide with the present life, i think she  succeeds.


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