mid-autumn day special

It is Mid-autumn Day today, but it is unusual for me, for it is another work day for me.


It happens to be Sunday, so why don’t I have it the normal way? My school has been bidding for the title of Hubei Provincial Model High School. Three education evaluators and supervisors from the provincial government ed supervising office came to the school yesterday. They will stay here for two days. They do their inspection and evaluation today and all the staff are ordered to work as usual. And tomorrow morning three of them will attend some teachers’ classes and make some observations. Of course we are told to be well prepared and try to impress them.


It was not too bad working today. Ordinary teachers just stayed in the office preparing lessons and chatting if the work was done. The leaders of the school had to accompany the four VIPs all the while, showing them around and of course dining with them in a fancy hotel. I bet they had some music to face, for the school had many practices in violation of the provincial government’s orders and regulations. Also the school is still imbued with exam-oriented practices. None of the school leaders have ever done anything about curriculum reform and about the implementing of the New Curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education. They are not able to and they dare not.


In my class tomorrow, I will teach a reading lesson about the TV celebrity Yang Lan. I hope the students will be interested in this woman.


Two new fountains have been put into operation on campus for this purpose. I like them. I always like the sound of water gurgling. It calms me and the sight of clean water running puts my mind at rest. I wish they would run every day, even after the VIPS left.


My daughter and wife went shopping in the morning. They climbed some hills first and then did the shopping. By the way my city is very mountainous. It is a pity I did not go with them.


Some key facts about Yang Lan the woman.

Born in Beijing in 1968

Father teaching English literature in BFSU and mother engineer.

Worked at CCTV when graduated at 21

Fame and success

Master’s degree at Columbia University


Yang Lan One on one

Yang Lan Studio

Sun Media

Her dream: to make a distinctly Chinese show which acts as a positive force in society

Its goal: to educate through entertainment and to illuminate through information


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