new discovery new confidence new power

I came to know the UC English Chatrooms about 2 months ago through a net friend called Breeze. Since then I have visited the rooms almost every day. And the benefit has been tremendous. I have become more fluent in spoken English. Another benefit is that I have made new friends on the Internet because of our common interest—-the English language.


Yesterday evening I talked as usual in the English Chatroom, commenting on a topic “Do you think Chinese elite have trouble finding a mate?” Just as I started, a thought came to my mind. I remembered Miss Butterfly mentioning recording a talk on the UC. So I found the button for recording. And it worked. When I finished, I played the recording of my speech on Winamp. Wonderful! My English sounded so nice. I had never though my spoken English would be so good. I became very excited indeed. Then I copied the recording onto my computer and saved it in my files. I planned to record my future speeches on the UC and shared them with my good friends.


About an hour later I talked again, this time in the English Corner and 2 recordings were made. I played them on my computer and I found myself intoxicated by the way I talked. Tears came to my eyes. Years of hard work paid off.


I have more confidence in myself now and in my ability to use the language. I am sure that my practice in the UC English Chatrooms will see my English ability soar into new highs.


Have a good dream, I told myself.


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