first work day new term

My summer vacation came to an end today and the first work day started.


Normally a Chinese school term starts on September 1. But this practice is rare these days. Many high schools open school usually in August. I can still remember the good old days when my school terms kicked off on the official date.


The first day was marked with a lot of disorder, confusion and chaos. The students came back and registered for the new term. They have to move into new dormitories and new classrooms. This term ten students have to share ONE room. Some classes will have new teachers and head teachers. The weather has been quite unpleasant in the past few days. The seasonal rains have come back quite early. In my area it has been raining continually for almost a week. Some students cannot come to school on time because the highway leading to the city has been disconnected by the flooding brought about by the heavy rains. Worse still, the construction and renovation in the school has not been completed. The school started to build 2 new classroom buildings and to renovate the old one before the summer vacation. But the whole project has not been completed even though it is near the closing stage. Many students and their parents complained.


We teachers will have to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons. It is not easy. We English teachers have decided to redo the final exam again. So we went to the printers to have the copies made. But the printing machine could not work properly. I took a lot of trouble to persuade the printer to make sure the material would be ready this evening.


And as we expected, the new course book has not arrived. This problem has occurred almost every new term. We will have to be patient.


What would be the use of starting a new term if the logistics could not be in place? Some questioned.


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