a dramatic day

I experienced a dramatic day yesterday in the English Chatroom.


Before my lunch I entered the room. Upon logging in, I was greeted by Miss Butterfly’s emotional talk. It sounded as if she was breaking down for I heard her sobs between her sentences. She was explaining about the girl called “星星”. I listened carefully because I was involved in an incident with this girl.


Some weeks ago an administrator called Evan was holding an online party in Chinese in the English Chatroom for the girl. I happened to be there when the party was going on. But I knew nothing about this activity. Of course I felt a bit angry, as some others did, for this is an English Chatroom and speaking English is the rule. I talked in English when my turn came and some members opposed to it. Nihao also came in and interfered because he believed in the rule “English only”. He even kicked some members out. All this resulted in quarrelling, finger pointing, name calling and other unpleasant things.


The trouble was that Evan had got Butterfly’s permission to hold this Chinese party for the girl while many other members knew nothing about it. All the misunderstanding found its roots here.


OK, let me come back to Butterfly’s emotional narration yesterday. She explained that the girl “星星” had been suffering from some complication of heart disease, very serious. The girl was said to be Evan’s girl friend, if I were right. She had been hospitalized many times for treatment but her condition was still critical. That evening some weeks ago Evan held the party to give the girl some encouragement. But as you know, there was chaos resulting from this misunderstanding. And Miss butterfly said that a person called “冬雨”, who was supposed to the leader of the UC chartrooms, criticized her for what had happened in the room. Butterfly felt greatly wronged, for her intention had been good.


I was touched by Butterfly’s emotional talk. But the last straw to me came when she announced that the girl “星星” had passed away some time ago. She said that Evan had broken the bad news to him. While announcing the news, Butterfly broke down. I could not help myself and I decided to log out, for one more minute in the room would surely kill me.


Now the time was around 6 o’clock in the evening. I entered the room again. This time, a member “” was there talking again about the girl in Chinese. It was clear that she hadn’t got the picture. I took the mike and started to explain the whole matter, saying that the girl was in heaven. Then out of blue, Evan appeared, took the mike, and said that the girl was still living. Alas, I found the girl in the room, I mean her icon together with her name. Then Evan was there talking, delivering one encouragement after another, in both English and Chinese. to “星星”. I was embarrassed to death for I had announced the girl was dead.


I pulled out.


Before I went to bed, I logged into the room again around 11 p.m., finding Miss Butterfly there, still saddened. I told her that the girl was still LIVING. She could not believe her ears. I said it was true. What a relief to her!


Do you think it was dramatic?


I have got nothing to do with the girl called “星星”. But I wish her well. May she fare well and beat the disease and live a normal life. And also I wish Evan could pull through all this no matter what.


Anyway I bet most members hate it when Chinese is spoken in the English Chatroom.


Bye bye.

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