to zhang lu (I)

Dear Zhang Lu,


So nice to hear from you online. Enjoy your summer vacation.


I am right now home, and I will make it to Beijing at the end of this month. Thanks for your concern.


My answer to your question is “YES”. But the paper you did was a little bit different from my original paper. SOMEONE changed some questions and replaced some of my questions with new ones. I think my original paper should not have been altered at all.


Please keep it a secret that I was the writer of the exam. I chose the reading articles from SSP because I thought the articles are really good. I hope you take full advantage of the paper. I like SSP a lot. When in school, I read it every morning.


Online you have huge English resources to use. Of course you could check out SSP online. Another website I recommend is China Daily. On that site you can find 21st Century. 21st Century has three editions—-a college edition, a senior high school edition and a junior high school edition. You could read the senior high school edition. There are also some audio clips to listen to.


Thanks for writing again. You are welcome to write me when you please. I hope to receive your mail in Beijing.





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