Dear MMZ,


Sorry that your regular mail to me slept in the school letter office for about 1 week. Then I received your e-card in my


I admire you for the effort you have made at your studies. I am sure you have excelled in your major. And it is quite certain that you have also made progress in English because the letter is so well written compared to the past ones.


Do not worry about your future. Do what you can now and I think your present effort will make a big difference in your future life. No one can tell what will happen to you and what life course you will be on. But a successful college experience will surely score you high in your whole life. Whatever career you might take, what you have achieved in college will make your life journey more meaningful. Yes, you are right. We still have many unfair things in China. We have to come to terms with them. Complaining about them does no good. Do not think too much about those unpleasant things. Do no let them slow down your endeavor. If you are really good at your major, a good job should not be a problem.


I have reminded you before that it is challenging to pursue two majors. Just try your best at English. Yes. American literature is one of the daunting courses for English majors, for a student is required to do a lot of reading. And as far as I know, we would need a large vocabulary to read comfortably original works. Even today I still have trouble understanding some American writers. Therefore, just do your best, girl. Do not exhaust yourself. I still believe that your major is far more important than your English.


Your performance in the CET is stunning. 90 something is really high indeed. So feel confident about your oral English. It is a good idea to practise with your roommate. Also if you have easy access to the Internet, you could practise online. I am now improving my spoken English using some software called UC. There are very good chartrooms on the software. My UC ID is 53219607. My UC name is Shengliver. If your computer is connected to a headset, you could talk to others. Just like QQ.


Life is not easy, but we can sail well with optimism. Take things easy.


Best wishes. Hope we can keep in touch this way.





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