life without a mobile

Despite all the convenience that could be brought about by a mobile phone, I do not have one. And I am happy about it.


My loathing of it started when it caught on in the early 1990s. A mobile cost quite a fortune then. Those who owned a mobile around me were mostly some IMPORTANT guys, leaders, managers, etc. And it was an awkward machine, to tell you the truth. It was a big box, like a coffin for a baby. And the signals were not stable. Because it was new, it started off a trend, of course.


In the middle or late 1990s, the mobile became smaller in size and powerful in function, therefore cooler. More and more of my colleagues began to own one. And my loathing increased thanks to some improper use of the gadget. Some young and beautiful colleagues showed off the machine in the office in all the ways possible. They shouted on it, they messaged on it, they played music on it and they gamed on it. All their showing off made me appear dull and foolish. Some of them simply did not know how to use a mobile properly. Even in the office shared by many they shouted on the phone, ignoring all the others’ ears.


I hate it even more today because it is abused by some of my students, who are still high school kids. They use it in all the ways except in the way proper. Playing with it in class, texting their friends forever, cheating on it in exams, paying for online services (illegal, maybe) on it…


I once asked my students if I was foolish because I did not have a mobile phone. The truth is that I am one of the very few teachers in the school who do not have a mobile under their belt. Their answer is "NO".


I do not own a mobile phone also because it would not be useful in my work and life. I have got a home phone and it works for most of my work and life purposes. Seeing many guys fall victim to such a modern gadget, I feel proud and happy that I live a GOOD life without it.


A mobile is abused in the following ways, which I have noticed.


Shouting on the phone, even in a public place.


Having it on even in class or at work which does not require the use of it.


Messaging foolishly all the time.


Disturbing others by the beautiful (to the owner’s ears) ringing tones.


However, I will buy one when there is a need to. But I will learn to use it PROPERLY.


A quality sleep without worrying about the calls at present.


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  1. maysouthocean
    Nov 17, 2006 @ 10:28:16

      I read this blog with happy laughter, your writing is so humorous and smart!


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