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Our school has successfully passed the city-level education evaluation, winning the title of "City Model High school". But the school leaders are very ambitious. The next step is to secure the title "Provincial Model High school". And the peak of the endeavor will be to grab the name "National Model High School".


At the report conference given the evaluating team, the evaluators praised the school for various achievements. And they also pointed out some problems existing and needing urgent remedy. The negative comments sent the school leaders into low spirits.


According to the evaluators, the following problems should be taken care of as soon as possible.


Too much time spent in school. Many students’ parents and the students themselves complain they study for too long a time at school. They should be given more time for rest.


Drinking water should be available in the classroom. In the classrooms in the school there is no drinking water for the students.


Monster class size. A standard class should have at the most 58 students. But the truth is that in the school all the classes have more students than 58. The biggest has almost 90 students.


More books in the library and more facilities in the school library. The books in the library are simply not enough for the school population. And there is no access to the Internet, either, for the students in the library.


More labs. More science labs should be built for the students.


More smiles. One evaluator commented that some teachers do not smile when they teach. They should smile at the students in class. Also a teacher should not be glued to the platform. A teacher should mix with the students and take part in the discussions and learning process.


Anyway, the game is over. We are told to get ready for the next-round challenge, which should be more exciting, because the provincial-level evaluators will come in.




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  1. Lisa
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 05:41:05

    As a teacher i know what you said because last year our shool also took part in this event and our school also became a "City-level Model Junior School"…But I really dare not flatter about that…So many things are all in form in China. Especially the education  system of China is more terrible,right? So I think maybe I only fit to be a small woman..Hehe…A happy small woman…But  I never think that I   should be satisfied with my teaching.Being a successful teacher is my dream all my life…Even though the condition here is very very limited (it’s a only a small town in mountain villages).I love it that it’s not only  my  hometown and my where I worked and also I really enjoy  the fresh air and beautiful scenery  and the pure and honest children in deep mountains so that I called myself " 村草夏花"…It mean I  only a piece of grass  in deep mountain and the life is so short that it like the flower in summer…One hand side I know I’m very very ordinary,    the other hand side I  look  like the flowers that it show the most beautiful to people in my limited life…I think you’ll become the best leader one day,please come on,i’ll cheer up to you!                               


  2. Shengliver
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 10:28:56

    Oh, Lisa. You got me well. Thanks. But no leader I am, and will be.


  3. 子翔
    Mar 24, 2007 @ 04:35:37

    "So many things are all in form in China. "
    I agree with it. However, many changes have taken place.


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