to king

Dear Miss King,


So nice to hear from you again.


The method you mentioned is not something new. English differs from Chinese in that we can pronounce most English words following their spelling. Take "cat" for example. Even a fool could pronounce it correctly. This is what is called "spelling reading". But I am afraid that it does not work everywhere. With lots of English words, it simply doesn’t work. How do we pronounce "numb"?


I am happy you will go through your summer vacation that way. It is wise. You could make some money as well as gain some experience. That way you will understand the Chinese society better, too. But it is hard work. The weather will be very hot, in Huangshi. And you would need patience. But I bet you will make it.


The Chinese education system needs urgent reshuffling. Yet the authorities seem to have no solutions to the evils in the system. It is a system where students’ creativity is killed and where teachers are trained to be fools. My daughter has the same problem—-a heavy workload. Luckily my wife helps out with her work. I always give her my encouragement. One evening I even did some of her bullshit math work for her when she was too sleepy to go on. And her head teacher is a dishonest young woman. As you know, a child’s eyes are sharp.


I think my summer vacation will be meaningful. I may travel to Beijing again. There may be job opportunities for me there. Teaching English in YYMS is OK but no longer exciting for me. Thanks for your concern.


I read what you wrote on the website You are welcome to go there and leave a word or two. My English pen has sharpened thanks to my writing experience there.


Good luck, girl. Stay cool this summer.





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