bullshit ed evaluation

Today and tomorrow all the staff in the school are required to work as usual by the school authorities. They say that next week the city ed evaluators will come to the school and conduct evaluation of the school. We are told to get ready on the weekend. But no one is happy about it.


My colleagues and I have discussed the issue, reaching the conclusion that this is another serving of bullshit from the authorities. But we would not mind coming, for our coming will not help in any way. In fact, we needn’t come to the office and get our lessons planned on the weekend. We have already done it. Anyway how much can a carefully-planned lesson contribute to his desired success? How can the students be creative when they are burdened with mountains of homework? How can they enjoy learning when they are forced to study all the time, even on the weekend?


But I bet we will have a GOOD time in the office today and tomorrow. We can chat in English, we can read all the English books we can and we can drink tea too.


This is what is happening in bureaucratic institutions day after day.



The students have had their classrooms and their dormitories cleansed for the coming evaluation. Hard work.


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