Shengliver’s Note: Is the younger sis mean?


When I was ten, my mum gave birth to her second child. It is my sis. When she was younger, she was angelic, like most baby girls. But as she grew older, she became my nightmare.


When I started high school, it was required that I live in the dorm for one school year. That way I can only just go back home once a week. One Saturday when I got home, I heard my sis yelling, “Mum, there is a stranger in our home.” I got so angry that I wanted to go and slap her but I was too sleepy to do that. So I went to my room.


In my sleep I heard someone pushing open my door. I knew it was my sis. As I opened my eyes a crack and checked the time on my phone, I heard her yelling, “Mum, sis is neither sleeping nor doing her homework. She is playing on the phone.”


I was so furious that I roared, “Don’t you have anything more fun to do?”


She said cheekily, “No, I don’t.”


Speechless, I sent her off. My precious weekend was thus ruined.

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